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The Play It Forward Project is built on the philosophy and belief that it’s not only a music education that is so vitally important to every child's overall development but new groundbreaking research is proving that music plays a significant role in medicine; particularly, when it comes to healing. Neuroscientists are now embracing the amazing physiological effects it has on the brain. Aside from the enormous amount of positive change from these new studies that range from Alzheimer’s disease & Dementias, ADHD/ADD, autism, PTSD, addiction, behavioral issues and many other medical/ psychological problems...not to mention, the astounding reversal of neurological conditions AS A RESULT of Music Therapy... we have only just begun to understand the profound healing effects that the wonderful & widely misunderstood power of music, our universal language has on all of us!

As a private music teacher for over 36 years, I have witnessed countless times the amazing effects music lessons have had on kids over the years and ironically many times those effects weren’t just “creating” musicians. I’m learning now, those lessons helped create better and more productive brains!!
Aside from the wonderful medicinal benefits that music can bring, I believe it also has the power to bring more peace & humanity back into our lives along with a better understanding of ourselves. It is our universal language and I feel it is losing its voice!  I have been saddened at how this concept is losing importance. However, I truly believe that it can change and it needs to be approached in a different way.

It is not about being the next "Mozart","Bob Dylan", viral "YouTube sensation" or something used to make your resume look better. It's simply having the love of music and realizing it always gives back in many wonderful ways when you share it with others.

Aside from experiencing first-hand the amazing healing benefits of music, qualified & proficient student musicians will now have the opportunity to witness & learn the new research that scientists & doctors are embracing…Music Therapy.

Finally, Music & Science are coming together!
Stay Tuned♫